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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Got Bored Waiting At The BIR

Yesterday, my brother drove me to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Calasiao to pay the capital gains tax of the land bought by our church. We arrived at the office past 10 AM. The BIR examiner who checked the documents that I showed her told me that I have to pay a late registration fee of our church in the amount of P1,000. Our church was registered at SEC last October and I didn't know that I should have registered it right after that at the BIR. Then she computed the tax that I have to pay but she told me that I have to submit the original land title and an acknowledgement receipt from the seller.

I have to apply for a TIN of our church too before I can register it. It took me all day long just to wait for the papers to be signed by all those signatories. The reason why it took a while to wait is that those signatories went out somewhere and they came back to the office late. It really pissed me off because the government is paying their salaries but they're not doing their job well. Kung sino pa ang mataas ang puwesto at malaki ang suweldo sa gobyerno, siya ang palaging wala, kainis. They let the people wait that long for their services. When it's time to pay in the counter, the line was too long. The people were already complaining why they have only one cashier. It was almost 4 PM when I was done with our church's registration and the guy told me to go back next week to get the certificate. I also have to submit the required documents so I can pay the capital gains tax.

Imagine the time I spent at the BIR yesterday, almost 6 hours. Not fun at all. But I had to remind myself that I am doing that for our church so we can transfer the land that we bought to the name of our church. It's a good thing that hubby and Vernice decided not to go with us or else they would have been bored to death. Next time when I'll go to their office, I'll see to it that I will write my comments and complaints and drop it in their comment box.

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