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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Foods At The Resort

I just want to make a review about the foods that we ate at Kultura Splash Wave Resort. I ordered rice and grilled bangus, clubhouse sandwich and chicken barbecue for hubby. My brother ordered barbecue chicken and rice. For our drinks, hubby got bottomless iced tea, pineapple juice for me and regular iced tea for my brother. For dessert, I ordered 3 fruit salads.

We were already starving when the waiter gave our foods. He delivered it to our cottage. Hubby's clubhouse sandwich tasted good and also the grilled bangus. The chicken barbecue didn't taste that good. Hubby didn't finish his chicken. When hubby needed a refill of his iced tea, the waiter is nowhere to be found. My brother had to ask the guard to call the waiter for hubby's iced tea refill. It took a while before hubby got his tea.

If you want to go there in Kultura and you're in a group, better bring your own food and just pay the corkage fee rather than order their foods because it take them so long to serve your foods. Not a good thing especially if you are already starving.

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Rocks said...

wow..the sandwich look so yummy!! nagutom ako manang :)

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