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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beating The Heat At Kultura Splash Wave Resort

It's summer time once again and one way to beat the heat is going to the beach or resorts. When we went to Pugad Adventure last month, we passed by Kultura Splash Wave Resort so I really wanted to go and see that place this summer. Last year, hubby and I didn't go to any resorts or beaches because of financial constraints. This time, the Lord has blessed us so we decided to go swimming at Kultura.

I asked my youngest brother to drive for us since hubby didn't feel like driving. Kultura is located in Cares, Pugo, La Union and more than an hour drive from our place.

We didn't bring any foods except some chips and bottled water because foods and drinks are not allowed inside the resort. If you will bring in foods, you have to pay Php50 per person as corkage fee. That's a crap. They do anything to get your money, huh! When we reached the place, we parked our car at their parking area and went straight to pay to the receptionist. The entrance fee is Php250 per person and the nipa hut rent is Php1000. Hubby paid a total of Php1,750 for the three of us. The receptionist asked if we're bringing in foods but I said no so one of their waiters followed us to our cottage and he gave us their menu.

While waiting on our foods, I went to take some photos. The resort is very nice. The water park has two Dolphin pools; giant slides; three kiddie pools; air conditioned villas; dining areas offering American, Australian, and Filipino cuisine; a convenience store; pharmacy and clinic; souvenir shops; picnic umbrellas and sheds; and plenty of parking space. The landscape was done artfully and colorfully. The resort focuses on culture and arts. You can see murals and artwork in the resort and there's even a replica of the Sagada cave at the edge of the wave pool. The place is ideal for family outings, meetings, weddings, conferences – or simply for relaxation.


Well, it took more than an hour to wait on our orders. Other customers were already bored waiting on their foods. We were almost starving when the waiter gave our foods. After we ate our lunch, we went to swim in the pool. Since it  was not a weekend, there were not a lot of people in the resort. It was good, the place was not crowded but the drawback is that they don't open the electronically operated wave pool if there are less than a hundred customers in the resort. So we just had to swim in their regular pool. We went to take some photos in the kiddie slides and you can smell the chlorine in the pool, so strong, unlike in Pugad, you don't smell chlorine at all. That's the reason I didn't stay in the pool that long because of the smell of the chlorine. I had to go shower and changed clothes while hubby and my brother went to try the higher slides in the other pool.

After swimming, hubby's eyes were so reddish maybe because of the chlorine in the pool. Hubby and my brother went to shower and after they changed clothes, my brother and I went to take more pics while hubby stayed in the cottage. Then we paid our restaurant bill and we headed home.

If you want to go there, here are the rates:

(Mondays - Fridays)
Wave pool activation on weekdays is
OPTIONAL depending on the number of guests
Adults:      Php250.00
Children 4ft. below:     Php180.00

(Sat-Sun-& Holidays)
Wave pool schedule will be every hour
starting 10:30 am
Adults:      Php280.00
Children 4ft. below:     Php200.00

Infants 2ft. below are Free of Admission
Senior citizen with valid ID are subject to 20% discount

Nipa Hut (downstairs near the pool) 10 - 12 persons Php 1000.00

Nipa Hut (upstairs) 5 - 6 persons Php 800.00


FX777222999 said...

it seems that the family enjoyed the time and fun. cheers to you, husband and brother.

Nova said...

that is one best way to beat up the heat indeed, to hang out in a cold place just like this. the prices wasn't bad at all.

jo said...

Sure likes you had a lot of fun! I haven't been to that place but I hope when we visit home, we can also go to a resort of beach and just have fun! Btw, I think the price you posted is fair enough. :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow, the price is unbeatable and the place looks beautiful!

betchai said...

haha, love your goofing off picture with Hercules :) that looks a lot of fun, really beating the summer heat.

Juliana said...

I'm sure you're imagining summer din because I heard malamig din diyan ngayon. Before you know it, punta ulit kayo dyan sa La Union for another adventure.

Have a blessed weekend Manang.

Anonymous said...

Happy photos Liza! I'm glad everyone had fun! It seems like a lot of happy stuff is in La Union these days. I'm amazed by the tourism happening in La Union. I haven't been there. Well, I haven't explored much of the Philippines yet and I will do that with fervor when I retire back home.

Dhemz said...

the place look very neat and refreshing!

Rcel said...

That is a very nice place that is making me oh so jealous right now especially with the levels of snow we have outside! :D

Lainy said...

You sure had a blast, Ate Lisa! I could tell from the happy faces! Hope you've had a beautiful weekend!


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