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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Need To Exercise

I noticed lately that I gained a few pounds. I was trying some of my clothes and I noticed my belly became bigger and also my arms and legs. I think I started to gained weight after a few weeks of drinking Anlene milk. I don't drink milk before except when I eat my cereals and it's not an everyday thing. The reason I started to drink milk every morning is because of my arthritis. After a few weeks of drinking Anlene I felt relieve from the arthritis pain but then it made me gained weight. I need to do something about it.

Yesterday, I started to exercise using my orbit track again. I was on it for 32 minutes. I bought it a year ago but I only use it once in a while. Laziness sets in that's why. I have also a stationary bike but it's just there in our room waiting on me to ride it which only happens once in a while too, lol! I need to have the determination to exercise on a regular basis to be able to shed off those excess pounds from my body. I want to stay trim and healthy. Exercise Lisa, go, go, go!

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