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Friday, February 10, 2012

Lunch At Chic-Boy Restaurant

I asked my brother yesterday to drive us to the EENT doctor to have hubby's ears checked. He was complaining that he can't hear that good. My neighbor had recommended his doctor so that's where we went. My brother and his daughter waited inside the car while we were in the doctor's office. Vernice was not with us this time because she's in her grandparents' house. The doctor found out that both of hubby's ears have built up wax in it so he gave him ear drops and after 3 days we will go back to him. Hubby also asked him to check his eyes because he has cataracts and the doctor said both of hubby's eyes don't have cataracts. The doctor in Texas told hubby otherwise. The doctor said hubby must have eye infection because he always felt a burning sensation in both eyes. So he gave hubby an eye drop. We were thankful that hubby have no cataracts, praise God! We paid the doctor a total of Php1,000 equivalent to $25 only.

We then went to eat lunch at Chic-Boy just beside Magic Mall. It's a newly opened restaurant in the city. It was our first time to dine in that restaurant. I noticed that there were lots of people dining there. They must have been tired eating in the same food court inside the mall wherein they have the same foods and their rice were so pricey, P20 per serving compared to Chic-Boy's P10 per serving. I ordered sinigang na salmon with rice, hubby got chicken lechon with rice. pork barbeque for my brother and breaded chicken for my niece. They serve free bowl of soup to all their customers and on top of that, they serve unlimited rice to the customers if they order value meals. Hubby tasted faith's breaded chicken and he said he like it better than his chicken lechon. I told him next time I will get 2 orders of the same meal for him, lol!

The sinigang na salmon had too much soup and it's sour to me. I like my sinigang better. They can't even beat my brother Celso's sinigang. Next time I would like to taste their sinigang na bangus.

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