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Saturday, February 4, 2012

At The Mall

Hubby and I together with Vernice went to the mall yesterday to buy some groceries and also to pay our internet bill. We went out late morning so when we arrived there it was already lunch time. I asked hubby where he wanted to eat because we already ate in all the restaurants there. I asked him if wanted to eat at KFC but that's outside the mall and he said it's too hot to go out and walk there. I already got tired eating at Shakeys so we ended up eating at Panaderia Antonio restaurant again. That's our nth time to eat there. Hubby ordered his favorite grilled Poloslab chicken breast with rice and veggies. I got spaghetti with fried chicken and toasted bread for Vernice and I got solo burger for me. I also ordered mango shake for me and Vernice and a soda for hubby. The foods tasted so good. I helped Vernice ate her foods, lol!

Then we went to the grocery store. We spent more than Ph3,000 just for the groceries. It's easy to spend money but it's hard to earn it. We went out of the mall and headed home. When we were on the road, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to pay our internet bill. I wanted hubby to go back but he said we'll go back there some other time.  By the way, while we were in the mall, Vernice went to peeh thrice, lol!

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