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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

This is a late post. I've been meaning to post this a few days ago and when I had the time the internet was too slow. It's a bit faster now thank God. Hubby and I spent our Christmas in Baguio, our third since we came back here in my homeland. We went there on the 21st traveling by passenger bus. We spent five days there and came back in the lowland on the 26th.

Baguio was so crowded. There were lots of tourist there this time of the year. It's still cool there but when we went to SM, my gosh that place was so crowded. We only ate there on the 22nd and after window shopping in the department store I felt hot and dizzy. We went to get a taxi and went to the public market instead and bought some fish and veggies.

On Christmas eve, Glo and family were the ones who prepared for our Noche Buena. They ordered cake and pancit palabok from Tea House, fried chicken from KFC and she made macaroni salad and bought carrot cake and empanada. I bought Spanish bread and pandecoco. At 12 midnight, George had a short devotion about the birth of Christ and after that we ate the foods that were prepared on the table. Next was the giving of gifts and picture taking of course. I went to bed around 2 AM that night. Happy birthday Jesus!

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Rosemarie said...

wow, daming foods, sa pinas pala kayo ni hubby during xmas.. sobrang saya nyo for sure..see you around..

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