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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charcoal Paintings of Me and Hubby

When hubby and I went to Tam-awan Village last month, we've seen some artists there who were doing charcoal paintings for the tourists who wanted their souvenirs. We stopped by for a while and looked, then we proceeded to roam around the place and took some photos. When we were done we went back to the artists' shop and there were no more customers there. Hubby wanted to have our charcoal painting souvenir so I asked one of the artist to have it done for us. Their charge is P100 for a one person and P300 for two persons and we chose the latter. I thought we will just be getting one painting so I was wondering why 4 artists sat down in front of us and started to sketch our photos. I asked how long it will take to finish and they said around 20 minutes.

So for 20 minutes hubby and I sat down in front of those artists and we seldom move. Maybe they noticed that we were so still and one of them said we can move if we wanted to. They kept looking at us while they were painting and I tried to smile a little bit. Then one of the artists was done and stood up. In a few minutes one after the other stood up and were finished too. So hubby and I stood up and approached the counter to see the finished works of art. There were 5 charcoal paintings all in all done by 4 artists for the price of P300, equivalent to $7 only. Not bad. Hubby and I were just expecting to get one.

So here are the 4 charcoal paintings of me and hubby done by the artists at Tam-awan Village. Some of it didn't really look like us but I think the first one is the best and really resembles our faces. The rest, I think the artists were just imagining things, lol! It's either they made us look younger, uglier or prettier/good-looking. What do you think?

Here are the artists who did the above paintings. I managed to take their photos while they were drawing our faces, lol! But in fairness, I'm impressed with their talents. I can't even sketch a simple portrait and make it look like a real one. Good job to the artists of Tam-awan Village. May your tribe increase!

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Willa @ FickleMinded said...

yung second portrait of your,medyo kamukha mo pa, yung hubby mo,iba iba ang mukha, lol!

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