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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Church Christmas Celebration

Our church had our Christmas celebration yesterday. We were supposed to start the program at 10 PM but it ended up at 10:45. Hubby said we were so late. I was so busy preparing all the gifts, wrapping and everything. It's a good thing one of my relative was incharge of the cooking of our lunch. We had chicken adobo, bottle gourd squash, rice, bananas and orange juice for all of us. All expenses were courtesy of our church fund.  Hubby and I prepared gifts for the kids and also for the mothers. We decided to give some chips for the kids and a bag of groceries for the mothers.

We started the program by singing Christmas songs. Then some kids sang a special song The Little Drummer Boy in front. The mothers did a duet Christmas In Our Hearts and then 4 moms rendered a couple of Christmas songs. I also sang Whispering Hope though my voice was not great. It was all for Jesus because we were celebrating His birth. 

Then we ate our lunch that was prepared by uncle Rudy who was in-charge of the cooking of our lunch. We had chicken adobo, bottle gourd squash, rice, bananas and orange juice for all of us. The expenses were from our church fund but the rice was courtesy of uncle Rudy.

After lunch, we had the parlor games played outside which were joined by the kids and adults. I was the one in-charge of the parlor games too. I let the the kids play first the "Fanning the Fan" and then the adults. That was a fun game and both the kids and adults enjoyed it. Then the kids played the all time favorite "Trip To Jesrusalem"  followed by "The Hot Item" Then we went inside and the kids had the Memory Verse contest. There were 5 kids who competed and the 8 year old Melissa won 1st prize. She was able to recite 30 verses. The 2nd prize went to 10 year old Dominica who was able to recite 15 Memory verses followed by Aiza who won 3rd prize who recited 14 verses, then Joebelle and Freddie won consolation prizes. I gave them cash prizes each, P70, 50, 40 and 20 respectively.

Then I distributed the gifts to each of the kids whose were present and the they were all 31 of them. Next hubby and I gave away the bag of groceries to the mothers who were there. We prepared a total of 13 bag of groceries for each families in our church. I've seen how happy those families were upon receiving their bag of groceries. I know it help them out because most of them come from a poor family.  

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