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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hubby's Birthday at Shakey's

Well, it was my hubby's birthday yesterday, the 10th of November. We went to have lunch at Shakey's and we used his Shakey's pizzanatic supercard. One of the benefits of the card is they give a free large pepperoni pizza on your birthday and 10% discount for your orders. So we got the free pizza and we ordered our lunch. As usual, hubby ordered his favorite supper platter with bottomless iced tea and I ordered the half hero sandwich with fried chicken and veggie salad. We also ordered 2 family size manager's choice, and Hawaiian delight pizza. So we had 3 pizza pies including the freebie. Too much for the two of us? Of course not, we didn't eat that for lunch. It was to go for our family.

When our orders came, I asked the waitress to take our photos. She obliged and then we ate our foods. I like the hero sandwich and I my hubby enjoyed his platter.

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