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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vernice, Hubby and I

My hubby, Vernice and I went to eat at KFC in SM Baguio last Thursday. As usual, hubby ordered the tower burger, fully loaded meal while I got the twister with fish and drink while I got the sponge bob box meal for Vernice. Hubby is addicted with that tower burger at KFC. That was the 3rd time that he ordered that and he's loves KFC now better than Jollibee. His favorite in Jollibee is the Champ burger sandwich. It's a huge burger and he likes it. Vernice likes it at Jollibee but it's always busy there and hubby don't like to wait that long so went to KFC. It's a good thing that it's just next door to Jollibee there at SM Baguio. It didn't take long to wait and we got our foods. As usual, I took some pics while we eat. Vernice kept requesting me to take her photos. That girl loves to have her photos taken.

After we ate, we took Vernice next door to have her photos taken with Jollibee. She was so happy when she's seen Jabi, that's what she call him. She even hug Jabi and of course hubby and I had to pose with her and Jabi too, he-he! We suddenly became kids at heart again posing with Jabi, lol!

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