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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vernice, Hubby and I

My hubby, Vernice and I went to eat at KFC in SM Baguio last Thursday. As usual, hubby ordered the tower burger, fully loaded meal while I got the twister with fish and drink while I got the sponge bob box meal for Vernice. Hubby is addicted with that tower burger at KFC. That was the 3rd time that he ordered that and he's loves KFC now better than Jollibee. His favorite in Jollibee is the Champ burger sandwich. It's a huge burger and he likes it. Vernice likes it at Jollibee but it's always busy there and hubby don't like to wait that long so went to KFC. It's a good thing that it's just next door to Jollibee there at SM Baguio. It didn't take long to wait and we got our foods. As usual, I took some pics while we eat. Vernice kept requesting me to take her photos. That girl loves to have her photos taken.

After we ate, we took Vernice next door to have her photos taken with Jollibee. She was so happy when she's seen Jabi, that's what she call him. She even hug Jabi and of course hubby and I had to pose with her and Jabi too, he-he! We suddenly became kids at heart again posing with Jabi, lol!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Hubby and I went walking around the town plaza early this morning. I was the one who asked him to go out walking because it's been a good while since we did it. Hubby needs to lose a lot of weight because he gained some pounds since we arrived here in my homeland. He's been lazy doing some exercise so I urged him to start walking again. We walked for 20 minutes and went back home. That's for a start and we hope to do it regularly now since the weather is getting cooler in the morning.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

So Thankful

So we started a ministry for the Lord more than two years ago. Hubby gave up his job and we sold our properties in Texas and came here in my homeland as missionaries. Our sending church is the only support we get because we didn't have time to raise some support from other churches. Since we were here and doing what we were called for, the enemy is also working double time. There were times that he put discouragement on us especially my husband but we didn't give up. We kept on keeping on. My husband and I were hospitalized and our savings were depleted but I thank God He didn't leave us nor forsake us. The rent in our house in the states had stopped because my step daughter who is buying that house was laid off from work since February. Hubby and I live a very frugal life here. Our old car needed to be fixed and it took us a while to take it to the mechanic shop because of lack of money. Hubby wanted to buy a more dependable van for us but can't afford it. He said he wanted to get rid of our junky car and get a van instead but no money for that yet.

I keep praying to God to sustain us and provide our needs. Then a few months ago, the PR in my other blogs went up and I got a lot of tasks for a couple of months now. The payments I get from blogging helped us. Though it's not a lot but it's a lot more than what my brother is making from his job. I am so thankful to Blogsvertise for all the tasks, grab bags and of course the payments they are sending to me. It has helped us a lot. I know I owe it to the Lord. We just have to trust Him completely. His promises in the Bible are true and we just kept trusting in Him and claim His promises. God is good all the time!
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