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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank God for Another Year!

Well, I just turned a year older last Friday. I really thank God for giving me another year in my life. I owe everything to Him and without Him I am nothing. I celebrated my natal day with my family, friends  and church members. My youngest brother came to help me prepare the veggies for pancit and auntie Lita came to help me prepare and cook the bilu-bilo. I cooked beef adobo and Hokkaido mackerel with pechay for lunch. Uncle Rudy came to cook the pancit after lunch. I cooked maja blanca the night before and I put it in refrigerator. I ordered 50 pcs of special puto from Manaoag.

I invited the people from our church for a snacks at 3:00 PM. They came at 4 PM because they were waiting for a ride. So we served the snacks, all Filipino foods. It reminded me when I was kid that every time there was a birthday party, most people served pancit, bilu-bilo, puto minus maja blanca. My hubby is already tired eating pancit and he said the puto that I ordered were not as good as my special puto that I used to cook. He loved the bilu-bilo though and the maja blanca.

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