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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Text Scam

Early this morning I received a text message coming from this number 09323266283 congratulating me because I won a Starex van. Here's the message:

Congratulations! U have won php.380k+Starex Van, ur sim#. As a homepartner last June 21, 2011 for info. Call ds #.09323266283 Dir. Thomas Y. Perez of Phil.Com.Center.

I called the number and asked if that is true. He said it is because my phone number was randomly picked and has won in their raffle. He asked me what's my job and I told him I don't have. His voice sounded like he's a radio announcer or something. He then told me to text him my complete name and address which I did and then call him after 10 minutes because they will have to verify my number. I asked him who I was talking with and he told me he is Director Thomas Y. Perez of Philippine Communication Center.

My brother told me it might be a scam so I googled the name and it led me to a lot of text messages fraud in the Philippines and I also found the same text message with the same name and number. Those who responded to their messages were told to send money to process their winning. I didn't call the man back and it's good I found this out so I am writing it here in my blog. This has been going on for a few years already and I wonder how many people have been fooled. If you receive the same message, then don't believe it. This is a group of syndicate trying to fool people to get their money. This need to be stopped!

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