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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Market Day

I didn't realized it's been that long since my last post here. I have been busy updating my other blogs. I have a total of 6 blogs and sometimes I ran out of things to write. I was thinking of giving up two of my other blogs but on second thought, I think I will just update them in my free time. I have invested a lot of time in those blogs already and it makes it so hard for me to give it up.

Anyways, it's raining this afternoon. This morning I asked my li'l brother to drive me to the market to buy some fish, fruits and veggies. My hubby stayed in the house to watch Vernice. I asked him if there's anything in particular that he wanted me to buy for him and he requested oranges and bananas. In the market, I bought fish first, 1 kilo of gg, then off I went to the fruit section and bought oranges and apples, also bananas and pineapples. I bought veggies like patola, okra and camote tops also onions. I also bought and 20 pcs of puto kutsinta. My brother was the one carrying all the stuffs that I bought and he decided to take them to the car. Last thing I bought were eggs and bread. Nothing was left from my 500 peso bill. Money fly away so fast. Hubby and I have been very frugal in spending these past few months because our income had decreased. We hope and pray that the rent from our house will be paid soon.

We were already leaving when I suddenly remember to buy a battery for my wrist watch so li'l brother had to stop. I got out and went to the watch repairer that also sells batteries. He replaced the old battery, paid him 80 pesos and he handed my watch to me with a brand new battery. That's it and we headed home. I'm eating the kutsinta right now in between my typing. It's so yummy! I finished 4 pieces and I still want more.

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