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Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Girl

Yesterday marked the 3rd birthday of my beloved niece Vernice. My brother took the day off while his wife was on her parent's house to send her brother off to Taiwan. Early in the morning yesterday, we greeted Vernice a happy birthday as soon as she woke up. We told her it's her birthday and she's turning 3. She was all smiles when I gave her her birthday present. It was a matching spaghetti shirt and shorts.

My brother went to the market early yesterday and he bought some groceries to cook the celebration. He cooked pancit first for snacks and cooked the beef adobo, spicy friend chicken wings during the evening. brother's wife came home before snack time. I cooked maja blanca for dessert. Hubby bought 2 roll cakes for Vernice, mocha and chocolate flavor. The celebration is just for our family, my siblings family and we just invite a neighbor and gave her some foods to take home.

We ate pancit and the mocha roll cake for snacks at around 3:00PM and we ate the main course at dinner time. My brother had been cooking outside using firewood. I told him why not cook using the gas range but he said he wanted to save gas and besides there are still lots of fire woods out there. Vernice is so blessed to have loving parents who love her and she have me and hubby who love her as well. You can't help loving the kid, she is something else. She is a happy baby, so lovable and as hubby said she is a mess!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking Care Of Your Teeth

There is nothing like a nice looking set of teeth, when compared to a not-so-nice set of teeth. We make judgments, subconsciously about new people we meet and how their teeth look. In turn, others are also factoring our teeth into the equation when they 'size us up'. Therefore, having a nice looking set of teeth is desirable. Often times, people can tell when our teeth are not real. In addition, replacement teeth can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is desirable to keep our own natural teeth. Our teeth are very important for our survival. We need to eat. We need to rend and tear our food and mix it with saliva for the rest of the digestive cycle to continue. To maintain a perfect healthy body, we need to take extra care of our teeth to have healthy teeth. If you do not take care of them and lose them, there is no get back from it.

Make it a point to visit the dentist at least twice a year. Also try to make sure about the cleaning of the teeth by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. You also need to be careful about what you eat and drink. Remember, the plaque on your teeth is just waiting for that sugar to arrive. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water instead of soda. And don't forget to smile!

Market Day

I didn't realized it's been that long since my last post here. I have been busy updating my other blogs. I have a total of 6 blogs and sometimes I ran out of things to write. I was thinking of giving up two of my other blogs but on second thought, I think I will just update them in my free time. I have invested a lot of time in those blogs already and it makes it so hard for me to give it up.

Anyways, it's raining this afternoon. This morning I asked my li'l brother to drive me to the market to buy some fish, fruits and veggies. My hubby stayed in the house to watch Vernice. I asked him if there's anything in particular that he wanted me to buy for him and he requested oranges and bananas. In the market, I bought fish first, 1 kilo of gg, then off I went to the fruit section and bought oranges and apples, also bananas and pineapples. I bought veggies like patola, okra and camote tops also onions. I also bought and 20 pcs of puto kutsinta. My brother was the one carrying all the stuffs that I bought and he decided to take them to the car. Last thing I bought were eggs and bread. Nothing was left from my 500 peso bill. Money fly away so fast. Hubby and I have been very frugal in spending these past few months because our income had decreased. We hope and pray that the rent from our house will be paid soon.

We were already leaving when I suddenly remember to buy a battery for my wrist watch so li'l brother had to stop. I got out and went to the watch repairer that also sells batteries. He replaced the old battery, paid him 80 pesos and he handed my watch to me with a brand new battery. That's it and we headed home. I'm eating the kutsinta right now in between my typing. It's so yummy! I finished 4 pieces and I still want more.
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