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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainy Days

Well, it's been raining continuously now for four days. I've been praying for rain a week ago and here's the answer. I like rainy season because it makes the weather cooler but I don't like it continuous. I want to go out too and do shopping without worrying that I might get wet.

Rain makes our plants greener and healthier. No need to water it everyday and we can save electricity but my other plants like my cacti, euphorbia and calachuchi don't like too much water. I had to move their pots to the shade which is not exposed to the rain. I don't know how long this rain will last. I hope it will stop for a while and come back again some other day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rain Come Again

The year 2011 is already half through. It's already June and it won't be long Christmas will be here. If only I can pull the time so December will come before June, lol! I dislike the hot weather we have right now. My, this is the hottest month we have so far this year. I wish rainy season will come to replace the heat. It rained the other day but it was only short lived. Right now we are using the fan. We are limiting the use of the AC because we had a huge electric bill for the past month due to the use of AC every night. Take note, it's only during the night that we turn on the AC and maybe a couple of time during day time but we had a a huge bill already. Can't wait for the summer to pass by.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Window Shutters

Our house where we live right now is our ancestral home. This is where my siblings and I were born and grew up. When I was young, this house was very simple and small house. It has been remodeled twice. Now it's a two-storey house with 4 bedrooms. The problem is, it has only one bathroom and toilet. So when somebody is inside and I need to use it, I have to wait. Boy, that's not easy. Another thing about this house is that, the second floor is so hot during daytime because the sun's glare penetrates to the window facing west. I put curtains but it don't really block the sun. I think that Shutters are better than just using curtains. It will block the sun's rays and the heat. We have some blinds before but then they got old and need to be replaced. My brother is using blinds in their room to cover the sun rays. It keep their room cooler.

Talking of shutters, I've seen some sites selling it in the internet. I haven't bought anything bulky in the internet yet. Hubby and I bought our blinds from the store many years ago. Maybe it's about time to try and order it online too. They have a wide selections of shutters or blinds for all occasions at a variety of different price points. I told myself why not try to buy blinds online. Hubby and I don't have to go out and drive to the store. Not only we can avoid the long line of people at the counter but we can also avoid the traffic not to mention saving money for gas.

Sunday Service

It's a great day today because the Lord has made it. We had a great service in the church. I gave school supplies as rewards to the kids in Sunday school who had not more than 2 absences during summer. There were 7 who were qualified and they were so happy. I bet their parents were so happy too.

Hubby gave a message during worship service and the title was "Living With Conflicting Personalities" and his text verse was found in Romans 12;18. I translated his message in our dialect and so far I was able to deliver it with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for the wisdom and your grace. Hope everybody had a good one today!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot and Humid

It was so hot today. I think today was the hottest in temperature so far. I woke up in the morning and I was already sweating around 10 AM. The first time I've been sweating this bad since I was here in my homeland. It made me feel weak. Around lunch time, I asked hubby to turn on the AC in our bedroom. I stayed there for a while until I felt refreshed. Then I had to go to the living room to watch tv because the cable tv in our room was so blurred. I had to turn on the fan in the living room while watching tv. It was so humid today. I was wondering what was the temperature so I checked online and it was 89 degree Fahrenheit but the humidity was so high, it was 71%. It was hot and humid today.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Car Need to Be Fixed

Our car broke and it needed to be fixed. It overheated when hubby and I went to the grocery store last week. We took it to the shop nearby and it the mechanic found out that there are quite a few parts that need to be replaced. It is an unexpected expenses on our part and we don't have the budget right now. Hubby had to borrow money and pay it back when he gets the monthly rent from our house. My youngest brother was the one whom we asked to go and buy the parts since he has a motorcycle. It's so hard to travel without our own car. Hubby said he wants to buy a van when he has the money. Right now, we have to be contented with what we have.
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