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Friday, February 18, 2011

Post Valentine Date

Hubby and I had a post Valentine date last February 15th. Actually, that's the anniversary of our second wedding which was held in Texas on February 15, 2004. Our first wedding was held in the Philippines in September 11, 2002. It's like we celebrated Valentine's and our anniversary. We went to eat at Matutina's Seafood restaurant. The last time we ate here was 4 months ago, a day after my sister's funeral. There were many customers in that restaurant because their foods are great but kinda pricey. That's the reason we only go there once in a while. Hubby and I enjoyed the foods, he ordered roasted chicken, leche flan and iced tea while I ordered beef with ampalaya. We both enjoyed our meal.

We headed to the mall and hubby let me shop for a purse and a pair of shoes. I was so ecstatic because my purse I was using that day was already chipping off. I bought it at SM the other year but it's not a quality bag. The maroon shoes I bought matches some of my skirts and dresses. I'm going to use it in going to church. Last thing we bought that day is a keyboard and speakers for our church.

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