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Monday, February 7, 2011

Babysitting My Niece

My niece Vernice was in the house the whole day. We had to babysit her because her babysitter went out of town until Friday so hubby and I will babysit her for 5 days. This morning, she slept until around 10:00AM. When she woke up she ate two pancakes that my hubby cooked for breakfast. I gave her pineapple juice for her drinks. She played after she ate with me and hubby. She is so behaved when she's with us but I noticed when she's with her mom, her behavior changes. She become grumpy and wants to be held most of the time and her mom give in to her. When she's with us, we discipline her and we don't spoil her. If we say no to her, we really mean it and she obey us.

Hubby and I had a good time watching her eat the camote tops that I cooked during lunch. She ate it with gusto and she ate it too fast. How she love green leafy vegetables dipped with Bragss liquid aminos and apple cider vinegar. Not too many kids love to eat vegetables. She also love sinigang soup and fish. In fact she ate a lot during lunch today. After she ate she came to me, showed me her belly and said she was so full! She came and hug me. She's so sweet and lovable and I love the way she say "I love you" to me and hubby.

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