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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Church's 2nd Year Anniversary

This morning we celebrated our church's 2nd year anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long since hubby and I started our ministry here. We had a full house this morning during our Sunday School and worship service. I was only expecting around 50 people but the attendance exceeded my expectation. We had more than 75 people who came and joined us in our celebration. In my Sunday School, I had 28 kids who were present. The adults Sunday School had a full house too. There were 4 adults who attended for the first time today. I've been inviting them many times and it's only today that they came, praise God! Jhun had a special song and he sang "This Is The Day" and it was sang beautifully. How I wish I have a good singing voice too. Hubby's message was about Praising God.

After the service, we had our lunch. We bought vegetables for pinakbet and 2 goats and my uncle Rudy and 2 other relatives helped him butcher the goat. They cooked caldereta, kilawen and pinapaitan early this morning before the service. We served banana for our dessert and orange juice for the drinks. Lots of people ate and we had a blast. I hope and pray that those people who came today will continue to attend our church service from now on. Thank you Lord for blessing our ministry. We can't do it without your help.

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Rocks said...

Happy Anniversary to your church sis :) May the Lord continue to use you in harvesting souls. God bless you and your husband as you keep on doing the ministry for the Lord.

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