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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Church's 2nd Year Anniversary

This morning we celebrated our church's 2nd year anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long since hubby and I started our ministry here. We had a full house this morning during our Sunday School and worship service. I was only expecting around 50 people but the attendance exceeded my expectation. We had more than 75 people who came and joined us in our celebration. In my Sunday School, I had 28 kids who were present. The adults Sunday School had a full house too. There were 4 adults who attended for the first time today. I've been inviting them many times and it's only today that they came, praise God! Jhun had a special song and he sang "This Is The Day" and it was sang beautifully. How I wish I have a good singing voice too. Hubby's message was about Praising God.

After the service, we had our lunch. We bought vegetables for pinakbet and 2 goats and my uncle Rudy and 2 other relatives helped him butcher the goat. They cooked caldereta, kilawen and pinapaitan early this morning before the service. We served banana for our dessert and orange juice for the drinks. Lots of people ate and we had a blast. I hope and pray that those people who came today will continue to attend our church service from now on. Thank you Lord for blessing our ministry. We can't do it without your help.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dinner with Friends

My goddaughter Aika and her siblings came over at our house last night and had dinner with us. I started to cook at 4:00 PM and I cooked the chicken afritada first. I thawed the chicken an hour earlier. I washed the chicken and then I peeled and chopped the vegetable the ingredients. Then I cooked rice. The fish sarciado was next in line. I had to fry the salmon fish first and cooked it with tomatoes and eggs. The last menu that I cooked was the goulash.

At 7:00 PM our visitors arrived and I was still cooking the goulash. Whew! It was really a challenge to cook and beat the time especially I had no help except my hubby who didn't really do that much but to peel the onions and garlic. He did the dishes too that I used while preparing the foods. Anyways, it didn't take long to cook the goulash and it was time to eat. Our guests said that the food taste good. Of course because chicken afritada was a specialty of mine. I always cooked it before so I had lots of practice already. While eating we did some picture taking. Our dessert was Selecta ice cream, fruit salad flavor. Everybody got full!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegetable Garden

I started planting some vegetables in our yard. I miss my organic vegetable garden in Texas. I asked my youngest brother to get cow manure from my uncle's yard. Then I bought some vegetable seeds and tomato seedlings a week ago. I planted some of the seeds and put the manure in it. I still have to plant the rest. I watered them everyday, sometimes 2x a day. To my delight, the seeds that I planted started to sprout already. It will not be long and I will be reaping them. Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy new year everyone! We had a simple New Year's celebration in our house on New Year's eve with my hubby, my 2 brothers and their families and my brother-in-law with his 2 boys. It's the first time that we celebrated New Year minus my aunt and my sister. Last year, they were still with us happily celebrating and welcoming new year. Who could have known that it was their last celebration with us last year? That's life, we don't know when our heavenly Father will take us home that's why we need to be saved while there's still time. We all know that both my aunt and my sister were saved and they are now happy in heaven.

As usual, we have prepared foods on New Year's eve. I made fruit salad, goulash and my brother helped in frying the chicken wings and cooked the pancit. My 2 sisters-in-law and my youngest brother helped in preparing the vegetables. My brother-in-law and his 2 boys came an hour before midnight and brought 2 big bottles of soft drinks. At midnight, my nephews and my youngest brother lighted the firecrackers and had a blast outside the house while I was busy preparing the table. We had picture taking and then it was time to eat. We were all full and then my 2 SIL did the dishes. My youngest brother and family spent the night with us and the rest went home. It's another year and I'm excited of what the Lord has in store for me to do this year. I pray that it will be a fruitful year for us and our ministry. I pray that more souls will be saved and also we can buy a land to construct our church. Lord, you know our heart's desire and I believe you will provide our need. Thank you Lord. I praise your name!

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