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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our New Home

Hubby and I just moved in to our new home last December 1st. God blessed us to get this 2 bedroom bungalow house with spacious kitchen, nice porch and furnished living and dining room with Narra wood furniture. The owner even constructed a new toilet and bathroom inside the house because the old bathroom was outside. The house has a spacious service area at the back with a deep well pump. It has also a spacious front and backyard with fruit bearing trees. There's a bamboo hut in front and a pigpen at the back.

The house was supposed to be rented by our friends but they changed their mind and gave it up because the CR was outside. They talked to the owner to construct a CR inside the house but she refused because she said that's a lot of expenses. Hubby decided to rent it when our friends rejected it. When we already paid the 1 month advance and 1 month deposit, the owner decided to construct a CR inside the house to my delight. We signed a 1 year contract for the lease. Now, we are happy and settled here for now. Here's a photo I took today. I'll post more next time.

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