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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Remembering The Past

My late grandfather in my mother side lived in Arizona for more than forty years. He left my grandma, my mom and my aunt for so many years and enjoyed the life in the land of the free and the home of the brave. My mom was only three years old when he left and my grandma was pregnant with my aunt. The worst thing is that he did not only leave them but he did not give support too. But as years goes by as he grew old, that's the time he thought of going back home. He was already retired and was receiving pension from Social Security by that time he went back home. He said that when he was in the US, he worked hard so he can buy a property from phoenix az real estate . He also said that he had another wife there in Arizona and had one daughter. My grandma had accepted back my grandpa and forgave him of his wrongdoing. Even my mom and my aunt had forgiven him and they were so happy to see their prodigal dad. My aunt haven't seen him before because she was still inside my grandma's womb when my grandpa left.

My grandpa lived for 5 years after his return and then he passed away in 1978. My grandma received pension from my grandpa's Social Security and that's what helped us a great deal. My grandma was able to send me and my 3 siblings to college because of her pension. We owe everything to my grandpa who went abroad and worked. My grandpa, grandma, my mom and my aunt passed away but their memories remain in our hearts and minds forever.

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