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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pastors Preached

During the wake of my sister for 4 days, there were services and preaching every night. Different pastors from different churches preached. There were singing of hymns and special songs after wards. The first night, my hubby did the preaching. On the second night, a pastor Rolly Guiang preached, on the 3rd night, pastor Melchor Aquino preached and on the 4th night, pastor Yanie Genonangan preached. Those were very powerful messages and I just hope and pray that some people were blessed by those messages. There were many people during the last night of the wake and pastor Yanie was on fire in delivering his message. One of my aunts said she was blessed listening to the message. Those messages were not intended for Violy no more because she's already in heaven. It was for the people who are still passing through this life and in case they don't know yet where are they going to spend eternity, then they would be enlightened. Salvation is now and not tomorrow or next month for it might be too late.

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