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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday, I went to my late li'l sister's house which is just next door to put their seat covers that I got from the clothes line. As I entered in, I've seen the couch where my sis used to sit when she was sick for almost 5 months. I was filled with grief and I was not able to control my emotions and I cried like a little kid inside their house. I sat down at the couch and I cried like a little kid. Their house is full of memories of my sister Violy. It's like her memories are imprinted at the 4 corners of that house. I was sitting their for a few minutes and nobody was there except me. I was saying Violy's name while I was crying. I miss her so much. I went back to our house still sobbing and my hubby saw me crying as I entered our bedroom. I told him I miss my sister and everytime I go to their house, the more I miss her. He came to me and rubbed my head and said some comforting words to me. After a while I mellowed down and stopped crying. I just needed to let out my emotions rather than keep it to myself. That's what I am. I cry when I am sad and laugh or smile when I am happy. I lost count how many times I cried the past few months when I was pleading to God to heal my sister. Now that she's gone, I'm still crying. Lord please, I need your comfort and peace during this time of need in my life. I lost my sis whom I dearly love but I know I can count on you anytime I need you that you will always be there for me. Thank you Lord for everything!

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