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Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad Foods

My li'l sister's funeral was last Saturday, October 2nd and was attended by a bunch of people. It only shows that my sis was well loved by her friends, relatives and neighbors. Pastor Amos Anteg was the one who gave the message and he and his wife traveled all the way from Manila that day to attend my sister's funeral. After the service and before they took my li'l sister's coffin to the car, my bro-in-law announced that there will be lunch at our place after the funeral and everybody are invited.

The foods were cooked and catered by our neighbor who has a catering business. She was the one who catered after my aunt's funeral last February and it was okay. The foods were good. So my brother-in-law made a deal with her to be in charge with the food and he agreed to pay her 11,000 php for the foods and services which is good for 200 people. Much to our dismay and embarrassment, the foods she served were no good. The foods served consist of ground pork with raisins, fried chicken, chopsuey and rice. Lots of people came to eat after the funeral. We were the last one to know that the foods were no good, the chicken and pork were stinky. The chopsuey was overcooked and no taste at all. Looked like the meat were not frozen well so it was already spoiled before they cooked it. Lots of people were heard complaining and we were so embarrassed of what happened. The caterer even had the guts to insist that her foods were not spoiled and we didn't hear her asked an apology.

My brother-in-law talked to the caterer and she didn't admit her fault. My brother-in-law told her the foods were not spoiled but the right term he said was that the meat were not frozen good so it's already spoiled before she cooked it. Jhun told her that early in the morning, he already smelled their cooking of chicken and it didn't smell good. He told her he already got worried thinking the meat were spoiled. I'm pretty sure she had smelled it when they were cooking but still she served it. She should have replaced the meat but she didn't. That incident became the talk of the town and we were really embarrassed. If Violy was still alive, she would have gotten mad of what happened. Jhun asked for a discount and the caterer gave only 1000php discount. So the total of the payment of the stinky and spoiled foods was 10,000php. Too bad. Now we just charge it to experience. We asked apology to those people who came and ate. Now the caterer might have been so embarrassed too that we haven't seen her going out of their house these past few days.

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