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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tooth Cavity

I've been having problems with one of my teeth again in the upper left molar. I think it has a hole or cavity because it hurt when I bite and my lower left cheek is a little swollen. Beside it is my left canine tooth that was broken and still not pulled. I don't want to take antibiotics because of the side effects. I just gargle with warm water and salt at night. I am planning to go to the dentist tomorrow or the day after.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Remembering The Past

My late grandfather in my mother side lived in Arizona for more than forty years. He left my grandma, my mom and my aunt for so many years and enjoyed the life in the land of the free and the home of the brave. My mom was only three years old when he left and my grandma was pregnant with my aunt. The worst thing is that he did not only leave them but he did not give support too. But as years goes by as he grew old, that's the time he thought of going back home. He was already retired and was receiving pension from Social Security by that time he went back home. He said that when he was in the US, he worked hard so he can buy a property from phoenix az real estate . He also said that he had another wife there in Arizona and had one daughter. My grandma had accepted back my grandpa and forgave him of his wrongdoing. Even my mom and my aunt had forgiven him and they were so happy to see their prodigal dad. My aunt haven't seen him before because she was still inside my grandma's womb when my grandpa left.

My grandpa lived for 5 years after his return and then he passed away in 1978. My grandma received pension from my grandpa's Social Security and that's what helped us a great deal. My grandma was able to send me and my 3 siblings to college because of her pension. We owe everything to my grandpa who went abroad and worked. My grandpa, grandma, my mom and my aunt passed away but their memories remain in our hearts and minds forever.


The typhoon Juan that hit the country was the strongest this year. It damaged a lot of properties and claimed some lives. Last night the power went off so I went to sleep early. It was so dark and windy, raining too so it was a bed weather. Outside the typhoon was raging even when I woke up around 2:00 to go to the bathroom. I can hear the strong winds and also the rain. There was no power until late this afternoon. I am glad it's back so I can blog again. I hope and pray the typhoon will leave soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ready For Bed

I am ready to go to bed now. My eyes are already droopy and I have a hard time typing in my computer now. I just finished some tasks before I retire. Hope to get more online tasks tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day and I hope and pray that hubby and I can go on vacation one of these days and have a canal holiday before the coming holiday season is over. I just pray that the Lord will bless us financially so we can afford to have one. Hubby is already bugging me to spend time together in another place outside the four corners of our house. He must be getting bored already. I said to him, in due time, at the right time and at the right place, we will have our vacation. We have to give more time to our ministry first because it is already growing. Thank you Lord for your blessings and provisions. Well folks, thanks for dropping by and reading my posts. Hope you visit me again next time. Nighty night!

Rice Ministry

We had a great service today. There was one mother who came in for the first time and 2 other moms were present after a couple of Sundays of absence. We were so glad to see them. Hubby preached about Obedience Brings Blessings. I was the one who suggested to hubby to preach that message because I find it easier to translate it in Tagalog. Then after the message, it was announced that there was a couple who are close friends of ours who are donating rice for the parents who attended. One bag containing 2 kilos of rice were given to parents in each household. Our friends who started the rice ministry will continue doing it to help parents and also to attract them in coming to church.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday, I went to my late li'l sister's house which is just next door to put their seat covers that I got from the clothes line. As I entered in, I've seen the couch where my sis used to sit when she was sick for almost 5 months. I was filled with grief and I was not able to control my emotions and I cried like a little kid inside their house. I sat down at the couch and I cried like a little kid. Their house is full of memories of my sister Violy. It's like her memories are imprinted at the 4 corners of that house. I was sitting their for a few minutes and nobody was there except me. I was saying Violy's name while I was crying. I miss her so much. I went back to our house still sobbing and my hubby saw me crying as I entered our bedroom. I told him I miss my sister and everytime I go to their house, the more I miss her. He came to me and rubbed my head and said some comforting words to me. After a while I mellowed down and stopped crying. I just needed to let out my emotions rather than keep it to myself. That's what I am. I cry when I am sad and laugh or smile when I am happy. I lost count how many times I cried the past few months when I was pleading to God to heal my sister. Now that she's gone, I'm still crying. Lord please, I need your comfort and peace during this time of need in my life. I lost my sis whom I dearly love but I know I can count on you anytime I need you that you will always be there for me. Thank you Lord for everything!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad Foods

My li'l sister's funeral was last Saturday, October 2nd and was attended by a bunch of people. It only shows that my sis was well loved by her friends, relatives and neighbors. Pastor Amos Anteg was the one who gave the message and he and his wife traveled all the way from Manila that day to attend my sister's funeral. After the service and before they took my li'l sister's coffin to the car, my bro-in-law announced that there will be lunch at our place after the funeral and everybody are invited.

The foods were cooked and catered by our neighbor who has a catering business. She was the one who catered after my aunt's funeral last February and it was okay. The foods were good. So my brother-in-law made a deal with her to be in charge with the food and he agreed to pay her 11,000 php for the foods and services which is good for 200 people. Much to our dismay and embarrassment, the foods she served were no good. The foods served consist of ground pork with raisins, fried chicken, chopsuey and rice. Lots of people came to eat after the funeral. We were the last one to know that the foods were no good, the chicken and pork were stinky. The chopsuey was overcooked and no taste at all. Looked like the meat were not frozen well so it was already spoiled before they cooked it. Lots of people were heard complaining and we were so embarrassed of what happened. The caterer even had the guts to insist that her foods were not spoiled and we didn't hear her asked an apology.

My brother-in-law talked to the caterer and she didn't admit her fault. My brother-in-law told her the foods were not spoiled but the right term he said was that the meat were not frozen good so it's already spoiled before she cooked it. Jhun told her that early in the morning, he already smelled their cooking of chicken and it didn't smell good. He told her he already got worried thinking the meat were spoiled. I'm pretty sure she had smelled it when they were cooking but still she served it. She should have replaced the meat but she didn't. That incident became the talk of the town and we were really embarrassed. If Violy was still alive, she would have gotten mad of what happened. Jhun asked for a discount and the caterer gave only 1000php discount. So the total of the payment of the stinky and spoiled foods was 10,000php. Too bad. Now we just charge it to experience. We asked apology to those people who came and ate. Now the caterer might have been so embarrassed too that we haven't seen her going out of their house these past few days.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pastors Preached

During the wake of my sister for 4 days, there were services and preaching every night. Different pastors from different churches preached. There were singing of hymns and special songs after wards. The first night, my hubby did the preaching. On the second night, a pastor Rolly Guiang preached, on the 3rd night, pastor Melchor Aquino preached and on the 4th night, pastor Yanie Genonangan preached. Those were very powerful messages and I just hope and pray that some people were blessed by those messages. There were many people during the last night of the wake and pastor Yanie was on fire in delivering his message. One of my aunts said she was blessed listening to the message. Those messages were not intended for Violy no more because she's already in heaven. It was for the people who are still passing through this life and in case they don't know yet where are they going to spend eternity, then they would be enlightened. Salvation is now and not tomorrow or next month for it might be too late.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Missing My Li'l Sister

It's been 9 days since my sister passed away. It still hurt me thinking that I will not be seeing her everyday anymore. How I miss my dear li'l sister Violy. I miss her smile, her voice, her laughter and everything about her. Every time I go to their house which is just next door at the back of our house, I imagine her sitting at the couch where she used to sit when she was sick. Their house reminds me a lot of Violy. It's like her memories were imprinted at the 4 corners of that house. I know it's not easy for her 2 kids to lose their mom at their young age. I know the feeling, I've been in their shoes when my 3 siblings and I lost our mom when we were young. My heart goes out to my 2 nephews and most especially to my brother-in-law. I'm pretty sure he's still grieving and missing my sister so much. Lord, please help us recover from the loss of my li'l sister. Heal us O Lord and give us the comfort and peace that we need.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodbye my Dear Sister

My sister Violy went to be with the Lord last Monday, September 27th. It was really painful on our part to see her go. I have three siblings but she's my only sister and the closest to me among other siblings. I told her many times that I was not yet ready to lose her. My family and I prayed for her healing. I cried out my heart to God almost every night pleading the Lord to heal her miraculously. I asked a lot of people to pray for her around the world. I cling and claimed God's promises in the Bible. My sister didn't lose hope and fought till she can until her physical body succumb to the illnesses that she was suffering. Sometimes, questions arose in my mind why God didn't answer our prayers to heal my sister. But then who are we to contradict God's will. He knows what's best for my sister. Though it's really hard and painful in our hearts, we had to let her go. My dear sister is not suffering no more. No more sickness, no pain in heaven where my sister is. Her soul was saved by the blood of the Lamb and she's now in the presence of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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