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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Sis' Birthday

The other day, September 23rd, my sister Violy celebrated her 46th birthday. My sister is not feeling well since May until now. She's battling the big C and we are praying for a miracle for her. Her office mates came to visit her and they brought pancit bihon and a roll cake to celebrate her birthday. They said they get used to celebrate my sis' birthday every year in their office so they decided to come and celebrate her birthday in my sis' house. Early evening, my brother-in-law cooked pancit palabok, shanghai lumpia and he bought a roll cake. Before we ate, my hubby had a devotion and after that, he prayed for Violy thanking God for giving her another year. We also prayed that God will heal my sis and touch her in a special way. I know my sis has suffered so much but then she still hold to her faith. We believe in our hearts that this thing will come to pass and she will come out victorious with the help of God. Happy birthday sis, I wish you well and I pray that you get well soon.

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