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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Of Worship

It's Sunday today and it's the day of the Lord. We had a great service this morning. First we had Sunday school and the kids were always eager to attend. In fact they were already there waiting on us when we arrived. My sister went with us and attend thought she's still weak and not feeling well. She wanted to join the worship service for the Lord. She said that she will serve the Lord all her life if the good Lord will give her another chance. She asked God to heal her illness so she can be used by the Lord for His ministry. We've been praying for her healing since she started to feel pain a few months ago. We believe the Lord will hear our prayers and heal her in His perfect time. After the Sunday school, we had our worship service. I was so glad that we had a full house again in the small living room of the house where we are holding our services. I really thank God for working on the lives of those people. They don't used to attend services before. Of course nobody invited them too. Though there's a church a mile away, it seems like nobody cared to witness to them and invite them to church.

My brother-in-law played the guitar and I led the praise and worship singing. He's very good in playing musical instruments and he has a good singing voice too. He even rendered a special song before the message. George message today is about The Living Water. I translated it in Tagalog so the people can fully understand. Most people don't understand English preaching especially if it's from an American. They said their English is too slang. So I tried the best way I can to translate it. Maybe later on if they will get use to listening to George's preaching, they won't need a translator. But for now, we gotta do what we gotta do to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I just pray that the Lord will deal with those people in our church and convict them of their sins so they will repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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