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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Saturday

It's Saturday and hubby and I went to buy a ladder in the store. He need it to install some electric lights in the house where we hold our worship services. He don't want to borrow from other people so we had to sacrifice our budget just to buy it. The ladder we bought is made of aluminum, folded and 7 feet tall. It's so pricey, almost hundred dollars. Hubby just replaced the muffler of our car and next week we will have the hood of our car repainted. The paint is coming off. We have to limit our expenses so we will not be spending more than our means.

We're supposed to go on visitation this afternoon but it rained cats and dogs so we decided not to go. The farmers need the rain so their crops will thrive and will yield more. Tonight I cooked some foods for tomorrow's lunch after our service.

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