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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teeth Extraction

I was having problems with three of my teeth. My left canine tooth has a large cavity and most of the time it throbs. It even had abscess in it. Also my left second molar broke 2 months ago and my left wisdom tooth was already loose. I went to a lady dentist last month and asked her to extract my canine tooth but she said it has abscess so she prescribed antibiotics. She asked if I have some illness and I told her I am hypertensive. She told me that I need to secure a medical clearance from a medical doctor in the hospital and have my canine tooth extracted there. She didn't even attempt to pull my broken molar and my loose wisdom tooth in my right. I bought the antibiotic and the abscess in my canine tooth disappeared. I didn't go to a medical doctor yet.

Yesterday, I asked my hubby to drive me to the dentist. I finally got the courage to go to another dentist and told him of my teeth problem. First I showed him my canine tooth and then he asked me if I have any systemic conditions like heart disease or diabetes. I told him I am hypertensive and he told me that I have to get a clearance from a cardiologist before he will extract my canine tooth. He said that my canine tooth is still tight and the root is deep. It would be bloody he said. Then I showed him my broken molar and wisdom tooth in my right jaw. He said he can pull both those teeth even though I'm hypertensive because they are already loose and mobile. I suggested to just extract one tooth and then the other one next time. He said it's better to extract both. I never had two teeth extracted in one day before. I was so nervous before and during the procedure and I even told the dentist. He told me to relax. Imagine, the last time I went to the dentist to have my tooth pulled was 10 years ago. He injected anesthesia in my gum and after that I excused myself to go to the restroom to pee. My nervousness made me pee, LOL! When I went back to the dental chair, the dentist began to extract the broken tooth and it's just a matter of maybe a minute and he showed me my tooth. Then he started to extract my wisdom tooth and it was so easy for him to extract it too. Those two teeth were already loose so the dentist didn't have a hard time pulling it. He asked me to rinse my mouth with water after each tooth were extracted and I saw blood! He prescribed to me some medicines to buy and then I paid him and off we went to the pharmacy and then drove home. This morning, the bleeding stopped so I was able to eat solid foods. I thank God for giving me the courage to have my teeth extracted.

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