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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teeth Problem

I'm having problem with my teeth right now. My left canine tooth has a big cavity and has already an abscess. Then one of my teeth in my right side was broken and also my wisdom tooth near it needs to be extracted. Oh my, what a mess! I went to the dentist last week but she advised me to take antibiotics so the abscess in my canine tooth will go away. She said that the anesthesia won't take effect if there's an abscess in my gum. I haven't taken antibiotics in a long time and I read the side effects of antibiotics that's why I'm adamant to take it. I have already bought the prescribed antibiotics and I had taken 1 capsule but I didn't continue after that. I'll just wait till I get the acidophilus that Shelly mailed to me before taking the antibiotics. Meanwhile, I have read that powdered charcoal is good for abscess so I'm trying it now. I hope it will work.

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