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Friday, June 4, 2010

Profuse Sweating

It's now the month of June and the rainy season began here in my homeland. The temperature became a li'l bit cooler but the humidity is still high. Hubby had been sweating profusely lately. He said it feels hotter now than last month. I didn't agree with him because the temperature went down since it's been raining. I told him he got the sweating problem when he sweat and let his wet shirt clings in his body and then went in front of the electric fan. I know because it happened to me before when I did the same thing. I had to boil different kinds of herbal leaves for him last night like and he used it to take a bath this morning. This is what I did when I experienced profuse sweating and I know it works so asked hubby to do it too. He told me after he took the bath that he might turn green, LOL! I told him he might do it again tomorrow to make sure he would really turn green!

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