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Thursday, June 17, 2010

God's Provisions

Hubby and I went to the mall today to buy groceries and then we went also to check the prices of Bibles at the Christian bookstore. We want to buy some Bibles to give out to my Sunday school kids. Some goodhearted friends of ours donated money to buy Bibles and we are so grateful to them. When we started our outreach ministry for the kids, hubby told me that the Lord will bless us doing His work. It's true. Not long after that, some friends of ours were moved by the Lord to donate money for our ministry. What's so amazing is that, I didn't even asked them or solicit from them. They just learned that we started an outreach ministry for the kids and the Lord had touched them to help us financially. We were able to buy notebooks for my Sunday School kids to help them out in their schooling. Most of them belong to poor families. Now our next project is to buy Bibles for them. Not even one of them have a Bible. Now that we know the prize, we will have to buy it next time we go to the store. Thank you Lord for your provisions.

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