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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teeth Problem

I'm having problem with my teeth right now. My left canine tooth has a big cavity and has already an abscess. Then one of my teeth in my right side was broken and also my wisdom tooth near it needs to be extracted. Oh my, what a mess! I went to the dentist last week but she advised me to take antibiotics so the abscess in my canine tooth will go away. She said that the anesthesia won't take effect if there's an abscess in my gum. I haven't taken antibiotics in a long time and I read the side effects of antibiotics that's why I'm adamant to take it. I have already bought the prescribed antibiotics and I had taken 1 capsule but I didn't continue after that. I'll just wait till I get the acidophilus that Shelly mailed to me before taking the antibiotics. Meanwhile, I have read that powdered charcoal is good for abscess so I'm trying it now. I hope it will work.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Day

Good morning everyone! I woke up early today around 6:15 AM. I slept so good last night and thanks be to God for watching over me and also for this beautiful morning. The sun is shining so bright in this 3rd Saturday of June. We have a lot of things to do today and hubby and I will be running around in just an hour. He has to buy some wood for the table that he's going to make for the Sunday school kids. They need it for their coloring time. Then we will go soul winning and give out tracts. It would be a busy day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

God's Provisions

Hubby and I went to the mall today to buy groceries and then we went also to check the prices of Bibles at the Christian bookstore. We want to buy some Bibles to give out to my Sunday school kids. Some goodhearted friends of ours donated money to buy Bibles and we are so grateful to them. When we started our outreach ministry for the kids, hubby told me that the Lord will bless us doing His work. It's true. Not long after that, some friends of ours were moved by the Lord to donate money for our ministry. What's so amazing is that, I didn't even asked them or solicit from them. They just learned that we started an outreach ministry for the kids and the Lord had touched them to help us financially. We were able to buy notebooks for my Sunday School kids to help them out in their schooling. Most of them belong to poor families. Now our next project is to buy Bibles for them. Not even one of them have a Bible. Now that we know the prize, we will have to buy it next time we go to the store. Thank you Lord for your provisions.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doing The Laundry

Just been busy the whole day doing the laundry. Our hamper was full of dirty clothes and even before I finished the last load, our hamper got some dirty clothes again. Hubby kept putting dirty clothes there. It's an unending task, the washing of our dirty clothes. It's so nice to wear clean and freshly washed clothes so I just have to keep washing them when they get dirty. Anyways, I just put them in the washing machine and after 48 minutes, I will just hang them in the clothes line.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Profuse Sweating

It's now the month of June and the rainy season began here in my homeland. The temperature became a li'l bit cooler but the humidity is still high. Hubby had been sweating profusely lately. He said it feels hotter now than last month. I didn't agree with him because the temperature went down since it's been raining. I told him he got the sweating problem when he sweat and let his wet shirt clings in his body and then went in front of the electric fan. I know because it happened to me before when I did the same thing. I had to boil different kinds of herbal leaves for him last night like and he used it to take a bath this morning. This is what I did when I experienced profuse sweating and I know it works so asked hubby to do it too. He told me after he took the bath that he might turn green, LOL! I told him he might do it again tomorrow to make sure he would really turn green!
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