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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Last Monday, hubby and I were invited by my God-daughter, Aika to celebrate her 22nd birthday in Baguio. She and her family together with some of her church family went with us to Burnham Park. They hired a van and so off we went. Aika prepared foods and she cooked malunggay with camote, spaghetti, boneless bangus. Hmmm, the foods were so yummy and I was so full. My hubby and Aika's hubby love to eat malunggay. It's unusual for Americans to see them eating malunggay but both of our American men love it. The spaghetti was also good but hubby don't like spaghetti so he just ate a lot of malunggay and fried boneless bangus. I forgot my diet that day and I just enjoyed the foods.

After we ate, we went walking around Burnham Park and took some photos. After that we decided to go ride a boat. There were lots of boaters out there enjoying the scenic view around. Aika's big brother did the rowing and he really did a good job being first timer to row a boat. Well, just take a look at the photos that we took and see the scenic view in Baguio.

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