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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Last Monday, hubby and I were invited by my God-daughter, Aika to celebrate her 22nd birthday in Baguio. She and her family together with some of her church family went with us to Burnham Park. They hired a van and so off we went. Aika prepared foods and she cooked malunggay with camote, spaghetti, boneless bangus. Hmmm, the foods were so yummy and I was so full. My hubby and Aika's hubby love to eat malunggay. It's unusual for Americans to see them eating malunggay but both of our American men love it. The spaghetti was also good but hubby don't like spaghetti so he just ate a lot of malunggay and fried boneless bangus. I forgot my diet that day and I just enjoyed the foods.

After we ate, we went walking around Burnham Park and took some photos. After that we decided to go ride a boat. There were lots of boaters out there enjoying the scenic view around. Aika's big brother did the rowing and he really did a good job being first timer to row a boat. Well, just take a look at the photos that we took and see the scenic view in Baguio.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebration At The Spring Resort

Time to update my blog again. I'm just in the mood to make a post since this blog of mine got a PR again after more than 2 years since it's PR3 was ripped off. It's a long wait to get my PR back huh! I just hope it will stay with me for a while. Please Mr. G let my PR1 stay and if possible raise it to PR3 as it used to be.

Last Saturday was my youngest nephew, Mark Wendell's 11th birthday. His parents decided to celebrate it at Botao Spring Resort. We went there last month but the in-laws of my sister were not able go with us. They wanted to see it too so this time they went with us. They traveled all the way from Baguio. My sister and her hubby cooked pancit, and they bought roasted chicken, grilled catfish and grilled bangus. plus they also bought some sea weeds and watermelon. My sister's in-laws brought vegetable salad and we really enjoyed the foods. I think I gained another pound that day.

After lunch, the kids and the adults went to swim in the pool. The water was cold because it's a spring water. It has no chlorine that's why it's better than the regular swimming pools which are loaded with stinky chlorine. Chlorine is not good for our health. Hubby and I didn't go swimming in the pool because as I said, the water was cold and there were lots of people. Besides hubby prefer going to the beach. One of these we gonna go there at the beach again to beat the heat and to buy some fresh fish.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

I just can't believe that Mr. G has given this blog of mine a PR1. I just noticed it a while ago so I went to check it with PR checker from different websites. The PR is valid so It's not just a glitch. It's been more than 2 years since Mr. G took away my PR3 and I was wondering if I will ever get it back. Well, I didn't get back the PR3 but PR1 is better than nothing at all. I would be much happier if Mr. G will restore my PR3. But thank you anyway.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Watched Movies

It's been a week since we went to the city of pines for the holy week. The reason we went there was to escape the heat even just for a few days. We spent 3 nights there and most of the time we just stayed in the house and watched movies. First night we watched Left Behind. This movie is about the rapture that will happen in the last days. Then the next day, we watched Big Daddy. This is a comedy movie about a single guy who adopted a 5 year old boy. I've watched it before but I like it so I watched it again. Then we watched my all time favorite movie, Facing The Giants. It was the 3rd time that I watched it but still I was touched and teary-eyed before the movie ends. It strengthens my faith as I watched this movie. I highly recommend it to everybody.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Will Teach VBS

Hubby and I went to buy some materials and snacks for our coming VBS which will start on Monday. There were about 20 kids who signed up and I'm excited to teach them and tell them stories about Jesus. Also we will be having some games, singing, memory verse and we will do some crafts. This will be my first time to teach VBS and I pray that the Lord will bless me and the kids. I will post here the updates of my VBS class next week.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Woke Up Early

I woke up at 3:40 AM today to go to the bathroom and when I went back to bed I can't sleep no more. I kept tossing around and trying to sleep but I was not able to sleep. So what I did, I got up and open my laptop and went online. I've been farmvilling for a couple of hours and then I decided to update this blog. I have some blogging tasks anyways waiting on me to finish it so I might as well do it now while the internet connection is still fast. Later, it will be as slow as turtle when all the peeps around are awake and go online.
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