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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Bought A Car

It's been a while that we've been looking for an economy car to buy. Meanwhile, my hubby and I have been borrowing my sister's van. Hubby and I had a van before but I asked my sister to sell it while we were abroad almost three years ago. While we were abroad, my sister and her family had been using our van for more than 4 years. So when I asked them to sell it because we thought we can't go home yet, they decided to buy also their own van. So since we've been here, we've been borrowing their van for a year until last week we decided to buy our own car. It's an old 1990 Toyota Corolla XL car but still runs good and fuel efficient. Hubby and I wanted to buy a van but our budget won't allow us. We can only afford an economy car so we can have our own transportation and we can go wherever we want to go like visitation and going to the villages to give out tracts and have a Bible study. I told hubby that when we have enough money in the near future then we sell our car and buy us a van for our church ministry. We just bought the car yesterday and right now we are happy that the Lord had provided us what we need. We thank and praise you Lord for your provisions.

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