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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Field Trip (Part I)

Last Saturday, hubby and I went with my nephews and their parents to Manila for their field trip. Hubby and I decided to go with them so we can see those tourist spots there that we haven't seen yet. There were 2 big buses filled with students and their parents plus a van with the staff and faculty members of the school. We left at 3:00 AM and the we arrived in Manila at 7:00 AM. First stop was at the Quezon City Circle. We had our breakfast there. We brought some foods and we just bought coffee for hubby and hot chocolate for the 2 boys. There were quite a few buses that were parked there obviously hired by other schools for their field trip too. After we ate, we went to the Quezon City Museum which is just a walking distance. I'm not very fond in going to museums but I just did it for curiosity. I know that was an educational field trip for the students and they learned something about our first president Manuel Quezon. Next stop will be in my next post.
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