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Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st Year Anniversary

It's our church's 1st year anniversary today. It feels like it was only yesterday when we got here in my homeland. Time flies so fast when you're having fun. We had a good celebration in our church this morning. We invited a guest preacher and we had a good worship service. I invited some of our neighbors too and I was so glad they came for the 1st time. After the worship service we served lunch for all our guests and members. We ordered the foods from our neighbor who is a caterer. The foods were so good and we had lots of leftovers. We had more than enough for supper.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hubby Is Excited

This is a late post but I just wanna write here that my hubby got his permanent resident visa renewable after a year. Next step is to get his ACR card but since we are not yet planning to travel soon, we decided to get it later. Right now, we can concentrate on our ministry here. Hubby is scheduled to have a Bible study and he will be the speaker at the police station here in our town. Another Baptist pastor has invited him and he gladly accepted it. Now he's looking forward to it and that will be on the 21st of this month. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to share the gospel to those men in uniforms.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bible Reading

Well, what did I do today? I read my Bible early in the morning. It's the first month of the year and I decided to start reading again the Old Testament. I started from Genesis and I already read 19 chapters. I have read the entire Bible a few times already and every time I read it, I learned something new. My Bible is King James version and you know what? Many years ago, I didn't want to read King James because it's so hard to understand but as I prayed to the Holy Spirit and read it a few times, I can now easily understand. Both hubby and I are using the King James Bible because it's unedited, unlike the other versions which most of the verses were deleted. I hope to finish reading the entire Bible before the year ends that is if Jesus Christ will not yet return.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

A blessed new year to everyone. I hope that everybody had a good time celebrating the holidays. My family and I had a blast celebrating Christmas and New Year. We celebrated Christmas in Baguio and we spent 3 days there with hubby, my siblings and their families. We had lots of foods during Christmas midnight. We ate and ate and gobbled and gobbled to our hearts' delight. Then after that we opened our gifts.

New Years eve was also a busy one for us. We prepared some foods again and we welcomed New Year with fireworks, firecrackers and of course lots of foods. Hubby gave a devotion before we ate. Well, it was indeed a very nice celebration. Celebrating new year here in the Philippines is merrier and happier compared there in the states. Every new year that I spent there was so dry and I just slept on midnight. There's no place like my homeland in celebrating new year and I'm glad I was able to celebrate it here this year after 6 new years and Christmases that I spent in the states. Home is where my heart is. Thank you Lord for bringing me and my hubby home. US, see you again in the near future.
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