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Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

As early as Monday, the 3rd of this month, hubby and I had already put up our Christmas tree. Hubby assembled it and I was the one who put the ornaments. We are using the same Christmas tree that I bought in Texas six years ago. It's still look good and we're gonna use it until it's still usable. Hubby and I shipped it here last year. At first it didn't fit the balikbayan box because it's long. So hubby had to cut the pole of the Christmas tree into 2 to fit in the box. He just connected it using a wooden rod before he put it up last Monday. We bought 3 Christmas lights and put it around the tree. The ornaments are the same ones that I bought at the same time when I bought the Christmas tree except for the apples which I bought 2 years ago at a garage sale across our house in TX. Baby Vernice was having a blast when she first saw the lighted Christmas tree. Here it is.

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