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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Was Offered A Job

Last week, hubby and I was offered to invest in a private high school that they're going to put up here in our town. There is a public high school here but there's no private high school yet. I asked how much should we invest if in case we have the money and they said it's Php400,000. They also offered me a job to teach Math. I am a license secondary school teacher major in Math and I have also an experience working as a school clerk in the public high school here in our hometown for more than 7 years. It's a very tempting offer, I can use my profession here and also I will have a steady income. They gave us 1 week to decide and hubby said we gonna pray about it. I have already decided right after they talked to us but of course I have to go with hubby's decision.

After a week they came back to know our decision. They said they already have 2 investors not counting the 2 of them and they still need one more. Hubby and I told them we do not have the money to invest. With our financial situation right now, our income is just enough for our monthly expenses. Besides, we came here to start a ministry and not to find a job. It's true that hubby had talked to that teacher about starting a private school more than 6 years ago before we went to the US but that was the time that hubby had some money in the bank which he got from his retirement. Now we don't have that money anymore, it's been spent. We have to keep the money circulating you know. So that's been settled but they want to know if I'm interested to work for the school and teach Math. I simply told them that I am not interested to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week as I used to. Our ministry is where I want to focus my time. The Lord had provided the means for us to come back here so we have to do His work. I really appreciate that they considered me to work in the school that they're putting up because they know that I am qualified. Not a lot of people have that opportunity. In fact, there are many professionals here who are having a hard time looking for a job. Had it been offered to me a few years back, I would have grabbed the job offer right away without thinking. But my priorities had changed, the work for the Lord comes first now.

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