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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giving Out Gospel Tracts

This afternoon after cleaning our house and taking a shower, I asked my hubby to go out with me to distribute our gospel tracts to the neighborhood and invite them to our church tomorrow. He said he can't leave my aunt alone in the house because of her condition. My aunt has Alzheimer's disease and when she's alone, she roam around the kitchen, turn on the stove and my hubby is afraid that my aunt will burn the house. So I called my nephew next door and asked him to go with me. Unfortunately, my first 2 prospects went to a banquet so we turned back home. Hubby was at the gate and he said he just turned off the gas regulator so my aunt can't light the stove just in case. So off we went walking around the town plaza and distributed some gospel tracts. The thing is we ran out of gospel tracts because I took only quite a few. Next time we'll go out again and I'll make it sure that I will take with us the bag full of tracts.

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