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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Messy Upstairs

I've been busy cleaning the upstairs of our house this morning and the past few days. My, how come there are lots of junks and stuffs in there. It was really a mess and there's hardly enough space to walk through. There are 2 small rooms up there and a hallway. One of the rooms is a guest room where my youngest brother sleep when he comes over. The other room is where I put some of our stuffs that we seldom use. It's like a storage room now. That used to be my bedroom when I was single. Everybody are sleeping on the first floor now and we seldom go upstairs. At the hallway is where my brother Celso put all their stuffs that can't be accommodated in their room. Boxes and clothes were piled up. As I was going through some of those boxes, I've found some letters from my college friends and what I did, I had to stop cleaning and read those letters again which were written to me way back in 1994.'s been that long and those letters are still there. After reading those letters, I threw them in the box going to the trash. I still have a lot of things to go through and then it was time for lunch so I had to stop.

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Tracy said...

Sometimes it feels good just to get stuff really cleaned up; for me I've got to have a real inner push to do it.

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