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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Been More Than A Year...

...since this blog's PR3 was ripped off by Mr. G. Other bloggers doing paid blogging have the same plight. Just imagine, I did a lot of bloghopping and writing interesting posts just to get more traffic in my site. My effort paid off because in just a matter of 2 months after I created this blog, I got a PR3 and I was so ecstatic. I got lots of opps and I started to earn more money doing paid blogging. But my excitement didn't last long. The high and mighty G took away this blog's PR and from that time on I never got it back. My 3 other blogs have the same fate. Their PR were also ripped off not at the same time but one at a time. Sigh! Blogging didn't end just because of that. I still blog and with or without PR, blogging goes on.

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