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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hubby's Test Result

I sent a text message to my hubby's doctor today and asked him if he already got the result of the polyps' test of my hubby and what's the result. He text back quickly and I was so glad to know that the test result was benign. He said that hubby needs to have a follow-up check up next week but I asked him if we can have it by the end of this month and he said it's okay. Hubby was happy of the result of course. He is now starting to cut down his food so he will lose weight. I hope he will continue on this and not just for starter. He is still not drinking coffee and he said he will go back to it next week. His doctor told him not to drink coffee, tea, soda, dairy and spicy foods for 2 weeks. He's been following his doctor's order but he said he miss his coffee and he's looking forward to drink it after the 2 weeks period is done.

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