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Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebration Tomorrow

I'm tired today and yesterday. We've been busy getting things ready for the dedication and birthday of my niece Vernice Julia. She will be dedicated to the Lord tomorrow and at the same time we gonna celebrate her 1st birthday. The baby's birthday will be on Tuesday but they decided to have a double celebration tomorrow. It's like shooting 2 birds in one stone. We went to the grocery last Wednesday to buy some ingredients for the foods that we gonna prepare and this afternoon we went again to the grocery to buy meat. My sister and I shared in the expenses. My sister bought vegetables and chicken for chopsuey. She will also make fruit salad for dessert. I bought 22 lbs of beef, cake, balloons and giveaways. What my brother bought were chicken, pork and ingredients. We helped him and his wife because they don't have the means in buying all those stuffs. That's what siblings are for, to help each other. Besides the baby is so adorable, cute and she's a happy baby. She entertain us with her cute smiles, winks and a lot more. In fact my hubby is so fond of Vernice. They play together most of the time and hubby said Vernice is a mess and she's a character. By the way, my hubby will be the one who will do the dedication service tomorrow.

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