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Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebration Tomorrow

I'm tired today and yesterday. We've been busy getting things ready for the dedication and birthday of my niece Vernice Julia. She will be dedicated to the Lord tomorrow and at the same time we gonna celebrate her 1st birthday. The baby's birthday will be on Tuesday but they decided to have a double celebration tomorrow. It's like shooting 2 birds in one stone. We went to the grocery last Wednesday to buy some ingredients for the foods that we gonna prepare and this afternoon we went again to the grocery to buy meat. My sister and I shared in the expenses. My sister bought vegetables and chicken for chopsuey. She will also make fruit salad for dessert. I bought 22 lbs of beef, cake, balloons and giveaways. What my brother bought were chicken, pork and ingredients. We helped him and his wife because they don't have the means in buying all those stuffs. That's what siblings are for, to help each other. Besides the baby is so adorable, cute and she's a happy baby. She entertain us with her cute smiles, winks and a lot more. In fact my hubby is so fond of Vernice. They play together most of the time and hubby said Vernice is a mess and she's a character. By the way, my hubby will be the one who will do the dedication service tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainy Days

We enjoyed the rain for the past few days. It made the weather cooler and we felt a lot better. The downside is that it was hard to dry the clothes that I washed. We have no dryer, our clothes are sun-dried but since it was raining, it took a couple of days to dry it. I still have more clothes to wash but I'll do it when the rain stop and the sun will come out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Carpenter

The carpenter whom I hired to build a built-in closet in our bedroom messed up with the measurements. Well, what could I expect, he's already old, 76 years old and his vision is not that clear. I should have terminated him on the second day but my compassion for him prevailed. Besides I didn't know other carpenter in our place. The first carpenter that I talked to and agreed to build my closet had hurt his hand so he can't work. His dad recommended that old carpenter and when I've seen him I was already wondering if he can build a closet because he was skinny and old. He was even bragging that he can build a nice closet with secret shelf to hide money, jewelry or a gun. I thought I should give him a chance to prove himself. I thought he was a good carpenter but I was wrong. He was so slow and his measurements were not accurate. He messed up many times with his measurements because he easily forgets.. I told him that he should have wrote down the measurements in a piece of paper so he wont forget. I also told him that my youngest brother has volunteered to build it but I said I will hire a skilled carpenter so there would be no mistake but look what I hired!

He was able to form the closet on the 6th day but when he let it stand so he can nail it on the wall, he can't make it stand because it reached up until the ceiling. My hubby and 2 brothers were there to help but it won't stand. Holy guacamole! The carpenter wanted to cut the bottom of the closet so it will stand but hubby said to stop him. Enough is enough. My 2 brothers were the ones criticizing his work and told him his mistake. They told him that he's been working on it for 6 days but he wasn't able to make it stand. It's a good thing I kept my cool and held my temper. I didn't say harsh words to embarrass him. I just told him that my brother will be the one to fix it whatever mistake he has made. I gave him his pay and sent him home. Hubby asked me why I didn't flare up. He knew me that if I don't like the outcome, I easily lose my temper. I said if I did flare up and said nasty words to him, I would be talk of the town now. I didn't let the enemy get an edge and I thank God for helping me control my temper.

My brother and hubby had been fixing all the mistakes done by the old carpenter. Hopefully by tomorrow, the retouching and sanding will be done so it would be ready to be painted.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Built-In Closet For Our Bedroom

This is the 2nd day that the carpenter that I hired is building the built-in closet in our bedroom. I hope he will finish it in 4 days so I can put all our clothes that are still in the box right now. Hubby and I got lots of clothes and it seems that I keep adding to it. Every time we go to the mall, I can't resist the urge to buy clothes, clothes and more clothes. My excuse to hubby is my clothes are already old and out of style so I want to buy the latest fashion and design. Hubby will just smile because he knows that the money I use in shopping is my blogging money.
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