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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping Time

It's been raining here since Monday but despite the rain, we went to the mall yesterday with my hubby, sis and brother Albin . We went to buy some groceries in Super 8 grocery. But before going to the grocery located on the first floor, we went first to Unitop department store located in the 2nd floor. My sis and I bought some t-shirts and underwears. Their price is so affordable and it was my 2nd time already to shop some t-shirts there. While my sis and I were busy going through those shirts and fitting it, my hubby and my brother were on the other section and I didn't know what they're up to. When my sis and I checked out, we saw them sitting and waiting outside the department store. Hubby showed me his loot, it was a box of tools. We then proceeded to the grocery and bought some can goods and mostly crackers and snacks. It was already dark when we drove home.

1 comment:

ezekiel13 said...

hehe.. you'll never know what men are up to... we love shopping too you know...

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