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Saturday, June 6, 2009

No More Maid

I've been sad the past few days because our maid Jenny left last Wednesday. She said her aunt will send her to school and it's been her dream to finish even just a vocational course. It was a sudden decision and she didn't even give us a few days notice so we can find somebody to replace her. I wasn't able to sleep the night before she left because I've been thinking where we can find somebody to replace her beside the fact she became so dear and close to us already. She's a hard worker and she's trustworthy. She worked in our house for 9 months. My brother hired her to take care of their baby before he left for Singapore. When my brother came back home after a couple of months they were supposed to send her home but I told them not to because we will be the one to pay her wages so we can have a helper in the house. I like Jenny because she do her job well. Now she's gone and it's hard to find somebody like her. Before she left, I hugged her and told her that just in case she wants to come back she's always welcome. Both of us were teary-eyed.

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DebbieDana said...

Hi Manang Lisa! I hope you'll find a housemaid as nice as Jenny.

Anyway, got your message, no problem, I understand so well. I remember it rained so hard during Daniel's baptism and ofcourse a strong typhoon followed the next day, so there was no way we could meet. Pero sayang, no? Dana and I were actually excited to meet you and your husband that day. It's sad we have to pack up our things and come back here in GA on the 11th of May without meeting you both. But hopefully, we'll meet na on our next visit, hehe. :)

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